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Buying a learning system is easy if you get off on the right track, understand the market landscape and evaluate the best vendors for your use case. However, with over 1000 viable solutions in the market, it’s easy to be disoriented, evaluate the wrong vendors and make a poor choice in any LMS selection process.

That’s were John comes in!

John Leh, founder and lead analyst of Talented Learning, is an independent analyst with almost 30 years of learning system buying, selling and consulting experience. John studies the market, vendor solutions and helps buyers get organized and oriented for success.

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Typical Buyer Questions

John will listen to your LMS situation, ask strategic questions and offer advice and options on next steps, best practices and strategy. Commonly, John is asked the following types of questions during the complimentary consultation calls?

  • Is there a better solution out there for our organization?
  • Am I paying too much for my current solution?
  • Are they systems in the modern market that can solve my current functional, technical or service gaps?
  • What systems are best for employee, customer, partner, association or training companies?
  • How many vendors should I evaluate?
  • Do I need an RFP? How do I write one?
  • What are mistakes buyers commonly make?
  • I’m trying to decide between XYZ and ABC LMS. What do you thing?

Any many, many more. Get your LMS or other learning system selection project jump started with John.

Vendor Options

Are you evaluating vendors like this? John Leh knows them all and many more at a deep level and can help point you in the right direction.

Use Case Specialty

Many of the 1000 learning systems on the market specialize by use case. Talented Learning focuses on helping organizations large and small buy a learning system for the following LMS and learning system use cases:

  • Customer Education
  • Partner, Channel and Franchise Education
  • Employee
  • Extended Enterprise (any combination of above)
  • Associations
  • Training Companies and SMEs

Schedule a complimentary call with John Leh to talk about any of the above use case scenarios.

Types of Learning Sytems

There are many types of learning systems. John can help guide your organization with the purchase of the following types of learning systems:

  • LMS
  • LXP
  • TMS
  • LCMS
  • Video Training
  • Sales Training
  • Authoring
  • Analytics

Jump Start Your LMS Selection Process

Nobody in the world has more practical LMS buying, selling and consulting experience than John Leh. Use the form below to request a free consultation call with John. You won’t regret it.

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