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For 10 years, we’ve been guiding successful partner and channel LMS buyers, practitioners and vendors. This growing collection of useful resources brings together the best of our advice: articles, podcasts, on-demand webinars, videos, whitepapers, case studies and much, much more. Feel free to visit anytime so you can make the most of your partner and channel LMS investment!

The use case with the most difficult and challenging requirements is partner and channel learning. Why? Because dealer, franchise and other partner organizations have many remote locations that are employee or franchise run driving complex use cases.

Channel and Partner LMS Use Cases

There are many ways to leverage a channel and partner LMS and online learning.  Click on the boxes below to learn more


Find new high quality partners

Drive Qualified Leads

Providing education to enable partners, franchises and the channel makes it easy to stand out and attract new partners


Streamline new client orientation

Accelerate Time to Value

Get your new customers successful fast with adaptive onboarding curriculum


Keep your partners smart and productive

Boost Satisfaction and Loyalty

Proactively educate partners about relevant new products, processes and capabilities

Best Channel and Partner Learning System Solutions

These award-winning solutions have been rated high in the ability to support franchise, partner and channel educational opportunities, based on research by our Founder and Lead Analyst, John Leh. Click on any of the logos below to visit their Talented Learning in-depth profile that contains reviews, demos, detailed information, videos, thought leadership and much more.

LMS and Learning System Insights

Since 2014, Talented Learning Founder & Lead Analyst, John Leh, has helped over a hundred organizations buy an extended enterprise learning system.  Check out his informed and independent insights from the front lines of buying and selling learning systems:

  • Top 10 Channel and Partner Learning Case Studies

Channel and Partner Learning: Top 10 Case Studies

Case studies are an ideal way to determine the strengths of any LMS vendor. This post highlights the top 10 channel and partner learning case studies we've found when researching learning systems that serve a cross-section of industries...

  • Seven Types of LMS Solutions

7 Types of LMS Solutions

Certainly, many LMSs position themselves as "good for anything you need," but the majority have trended intentionally or accidentally towards being "really good at something specific."

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Best Channel and Partner Case Studies

One of the best ways to rate and judge learning vendors is by the quality and quantity of their public client case studies. Clients have to be successful and happy with their vendor solution before they ever agree to public case studies. Click on any of the logos below to view the best channel and partner case studies.

Mapping the Best Channel and Partner LMSs

What learning systems are you considering for your channel learning needs? To understand more clearly how the top 40 commercial LMSs compare, check our proprietary RightFit Solution Grid. In a single visual snapshot, this free decision support map aligns both vendor capabilities and buyer characteristics. Using this grid is simple. Just choose the buying persona that most closely describes your business realities, and you’ll see solutions that best match your requirements.

RightFit Grid Up Close: Watch This Short Video

Get the 2023 LMS RightFit Grid – Free!

Download the LMS RightFit Solution Grid, along with our guide to interpreting each of the four quadrants. A must-read resource for learning systems decision makers!

Listen to Expert Advice — Podcast Episodes

Hear (or read) John Leh interview channel, franchise, partner, distributor, wholesaler experts about their learning platforms and environments on the Talented Learning Show Podcast

Talented Learning Show Podcast 59: How Can Tech Make it Easier to Scale Training?
Talented Learning Show Episode 5: What Can a Modern LMS Do for a Global Franchise with Chris Shanks of Dairy Queen
Talented Learning Show Podcast 58: What Should You Expect in a Channel Training System?
The Talented Learning Show Podcast Episode 36: How Can You Deploy B2B2B Certification Rapidly?
Talented Learning Show Episode 4 - What is the ROI of a Franchise Learning System with Mark Anderson of eLogic Learning
The Talented Learning Show Podcast Episode 52: How Can Training Automation Scale Business Learning with Rich Bartlett of CD2
Talented Learning Show Episode 35: How Do Channel Training Networks Drive Revenue with Doug Gastich of BlueVolt.
Talented Learning Show Episode 17: How Do New Analytics Tools Elevate Learning Measurement with Tamer Ali of Authentic Learning Labs
The Talented Learning Show Podcast Episode 41: What Makes Successful Channel Training Programs Work with Rob Moe
Talented Learning Show Episode 6: How Does Training Adoption Affect Franchise Performance with Trista Kimber of Hooters
The Talented Learning Show Podcast Episode 33: What's the Best Way to Measure Training ROI?

How to Buy Parter and Customer LMSs — CE Lab

Our CEO John Leh was recently interviewed by customer ed expert Dave Derington on the Customer Education Lab Podcast about the ins and outs of buying a LMS. Check out the video below or read the edited transcript here.


Watch On-Demand Channel and Partner Webinars

Join the Talented Learning Center membership site to review many of our on-demand webinars and panel discussions about this topic…

The Power of Partner Education: How Strong Brands Lead Through Learning. Webinar Replay.
Get Partners Hooked! How to Rapidly Deploy a Successful Partner LMS On Demand Webinar
How to Drive Learning in Hard-to-Reach Places: Strategies from Non-Profit Organizations. Webinar Replay.
Webinar Replay: Using Analytics to Drive Business Growth

Expert Voices

Check out these video interviews with partner and channel LMS experts:

Lefteris Ntouanoglou, Schoox

Brett Strauss, NetExam

Inside the Partner, Channel, Franchise and Retail Education LMS Buying Process

We’ve been helping LMS buyers find the best solutions for their unique business needs for 10+ years. Find out about the exclusive 9-step buying process we use to assist buyers at every stage of the selection process, from preliminary research to contract negotiation. To learn more, click on any of these 9 steps:

Independent Customer Education LMS Research

Don’t buy an LMS for customer education without our 2023 Learning Systems Market Report. Compare top solutions on 50+ key decision factors and get access to practical, in-depth ratings and reviews!

Find your best LMS for customer education

Partner, Channel LMS Basics

New to the topic? Start here with these short instructional videos:

What is Partner and Channel Learning?

Franchise Performance and the Modern LMS

Buying a Partner, Channel or Franchise LMS? Schedule a Free Call

Choosing a partner LMS is no easy task. Don’t do it alone! Use the form below to schedule a free consultation with our Lead Analyst, John Leh:

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