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Which LMS Is Best For Extended Enterprise Learning?

Our analysts hear this question all the time. But with more than 800 learning solutions available (and more entering the market at every turn), the answer isn’t as easy or obvious as it may seem.

Truthfully, there is no silver bullet. Every buying organization has unique extended enterprise learning needs. And after evaluating 200+ of the best platforms our analysts can find, we’re more confident than ever that no single platform will outperform all others in every situation.

However, after spending so much time evaluating and recommending learning systems for diverse business requirements, we’ve developed strong opinions about which solutions excel in specific extended enterprise scenarios.

That’s why we publish annual LMS Awards to recognize excellence in key market segments. These awards aren’t meant to exclude other systems from your consideration set. Instead, they’re intended to provide a starting point– general guidance about systems that we know are leading the way with innovative product capabilities and services.

Like the LMS market itself, our awards structure has evolved over the years. Beginning in 2019, we narrowed our focus to two primary extended enterprise learning categories:

CORPORATE EXTENDED ENTERPRISE:  Business-oriented solutions that target external audiences such as customers, channel partners, suppliers and contractors. Employees may also be included, but aren’t the sole focus of these applications.

CONTINUING EDUCATION:  Learning and certification solutions used by trade and professional associations, mission-driven non-profits, commercial training providers, trade schools and subject matter experts.

Follow Our Choices Through The Years

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To learn more about these stand-out learning systems and others, we invite you to explore our LMS Directory – with systems listed in alphabetical order or by industry focus.


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