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The Business of Customer Education

How to Cultivate Sustainable Growth

Join us Wednesday, January 22, 2020 – from 1-2p.m. ET

How can customer education cultivate sustainable business growth? Register for our January webinar with learning tech analyst John Leh and Learndot Marketing VP Bill Cushard

Customer education is not just good business. It’s also profitable business. That’s because training helps customers put your product to use faster and more effectively.

Speed counts – because successful customers are more likely to buy again from you and recommend you to others.

Webinar Business Case for Customer Education Learndot - Talented Learning webinar Learndot and Talented LearningBut what exactly does it take to build a successful customer education program? With so many ways to package, price and deliver training, what kind of structure will scale well with your business? And how can you win executive approval for this approach?

Join our Lead Analyst John Leh, as he talks with experts Khalid Shaikh, Head of Customer Learning Services at DataStax, and Bill Cushard, Director of Marketing at ServiceRocket, about how to develop a convincing business case for sustainable customer education.

You’ll find helpful guidance – whether you’re just getting started with customer education, or you’re ready to take an existing program to the next level. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to understand and evaluate scalable customer training models
  • Must-have elements for a winning business case
  • How to weigh costs and benefits accurately
  • Common mistakes and best practices for sustainable growth
  • Lessons learned from real-world programs
  • Success metrics that matter most – and why


NOTE: Attendees at the live online event earn 1 free CAE credential credit.

ALSO NOTE: Even if you can’t attend, register anyway and we’ll send you a link to the recording.



John Leh CEO Lead Analyst Talented LearningJohn Leh
is CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning. A fiercely independent LMS selection consultant and industry commentator, John helps organizations develop and implement technology strategies that support learning initiatives – primarily for the extended enterprise. His advice is based on more than 20 years of experience in the LMS industry, having served as a trusted LMS selection and sales advisor to more than 165 learning organizations with a total spend of more than $65 million.


khalid shaikh - head of customer education at datastaxKhalid Shaikh is an expert in enterprise learning and customer success, with decades of experience in the high technology industry. Currently, he is Head of  Customer Learning Services at DataStax, where he established training as a line of business and developed a global network of training partners. Previously, Khalid served in senior education services roles at Lattice-Engines, HP Enterprise Security Products and SAP Business Objects. He has also been responsible for enterprise learning at PeopleSoft and APL.


Bill Cushard - Learndot by ServiceRocketBill Cushard is Director of Marketing at ServiceRocket, a software adoption company helping organizations adopt innovative software through education, implementation, support and software. One of those applications is Learndot, a learning management system designed specifically for customer training. Bill is widely recognized as a passionate customer education advocate who regularly shares his expertise in blogs, books, webinars and on his podcast, Helping Sells.