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LMS Vendor Services

Think of us as the LMS industry ambassadors.  We are on a mission to meet all 600 LMS vendors, find what each one is good at with what audience. Once we learn that we can help vendors in so many ways from finding qualified prospects, creating thought leadership content, educating your sales force and winning opportunities. We have reviewed 94 LMS vendors in the last 21 months and use our research to help clients every day buy the right LMS for them.  Here are the complimentary and paid services we provide LMS vendors:

Complimentary Services

  • Vendor briefings and updates
  • Inclusion in Talented Learning proprietary vendor database
  • Inclusion in relevant blog posts, webinars and industry reports
  • Inclusion in appropriate client buying opportunities
  • Listing of extended enterprise case studies on Talented Learning
  • Social media linking and cross promotion


Paid Services

  • LMS and Roadmap Deep Dive Audit: Detailed analysis and report on your strengths and weaknesses in comparison with relevant competition.
  • Case Study Development and Media Placement:  Don’t have case studies?  Don’t worry, we can do it all and publicize it too!
  • Learning Technology Recruitment Services:  We know a ton of pros.  Who are you looking for?
  • Custom Webinars: Thought leadership topics hosted by you or us.
  • Research Paper:  Independent research analysis on any  learning technology or extended enterprise topic.
  • Guest Blogging: Written by John Leh posted on your blog.
  • RFP Response Audit: Detailed report on strengths and weaknesses of your best RFP response or proposal.
  • Sales Presentation Audit: Detailed report on strengths and weaknesses of your best sales and product demonstration.
  • Custom Consulting: Business, learning or technology consulting based on your needs.

If you are interested in scheduling a vendor briefing to kick off the process, please contact us using the below form:

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