Talented Learning Lead Analyst, John Leh, and Expertus Senior Solutions Architect, Gary Underhill, offer extended enterprise learning tips to help corporate learning leaders better serve internal and external audiences, simultaneously.

BLOOMSBURG, PA — June 15, 2017 — Independent learning technology consulting firm, Talented Learning, announced today that it will join forces with learning management systems innovator, Expertus, at a webinar designed to help corporate learning professionals serve external audiences more effectively.

How to Think Outside the Internal Training Box: Extending Your Learning Reach Beyond Employees was hosted by Talented Learning CEO and Lead Analyst, John Leh, and Gary Underhill, Senior Solutions Architect at Expertus.

“Too often, corporate HR and training professionals have an ’employee-first’ mindset when planning and selecting learning systems. This means business functions that educate customers, channel partners and other external audiences must find their own solutions,” John Leh explained. “We want to help corporations think and act more holistically about their learning programs and platforms.”

Webinar Agenda

Together, John and Gary will help attendees understand how to avoid costly LMS inefficiencies when engaging and educating diverse internal and external audiences. Specifically, they will help participants understand:

  • How to define “non-employee” learning needs
  • How to sidestep multi-audience LMS “gotchas”
  • What kind of LMS functionality adds value when serving multiple audiences
  • Strategies for extending an employee-focused learning infrastructure
  • Fundamentals of internal vs. external marketing and promotion
  • How to measure success when expanding LMS reach

How To Attend This Webinar

Individuals can learn more and reserve a seat by visiting the event registration page. (All registrants will receive a link to the webinar recording, even if they are unable to attend the live session.)

About the Presenters

John Leh is CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, LLC. Named one of the Top 20 Global Elearning Movers and Shakers of 2017, John is a fiercely independent LMS selection consultant and blogger who helps organizations develop and implement learning technology strategies – primarily for the extended enterprise. John’s advice is based on 20 years of industry experience, serving as a trusted LMS selection and sales adviser to more than 100 learning organizations with a total technology spend of more than $65 million.

Gary Underhill is Senior Solutions Architect at Expertus, where he leads the effort to align technology solutions with customer challenges. A proven senior sales, sales management and service professional, Gary has significant expertise in representing cost-effective, high-value business and technical solutions that support rapid growth — including solutions designed to span the extended enterprise (employees, sales channels, strategic partners and customers).

About Expertus

Expertus delivers new, cloud LMS technology for the future of learning. Based in Silicon Valley, Expertus serves global organizations from offices in the US, Europe and Asia, and provides a full-featured desktop and mobile LMS. The flagship product, ExpertusONE, is the most powerful and intuitive LMS for training any audience in your ecosystem. This enterprise-class system engages and empowers learners and admins, enhances learning effectiveness and enables distributed learning at scale. Train multiple audiences with the benefits of advanced gamification, mobile, social collaboration and data for reporting and decision-making, along with an open API library to extend learning through Salesforce and other systems.

About Talented Learning

Talented Learning is an independent research and consulting firm devoted to helping organizations of all sizes choose and use modern LMS solutions and related technologies for their unique business needs. Insights from Talented Learning help organizations at every stage of the learning technology implementation lifecycle, from business case development and requirements definition, to vendor evaluation and selection. The firm’s analysts also serve as trusted advisors to modern LMS vendors who must manage product positioning and roadmaps in today’s dynamic elearning landscape.

Media Contact:

Joelle Girton
Talented Learning, LLC

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