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6 Customer Onboarding Mistakes to Avoid

January 18, 2015

By guest author Jason Silberman Onboarding new customers to your software can seem like a daunting task, especially in the era of ever-growing customer expectations. If onboarding is slow, unattended customers will wander off to competition, and [...learn more...]

How To Measure Customer Learning ROI

October 16, 2014

If our previous post on The Business Case for Customer Learning piqued your interest in the benefits of educating customers, this post will show you how to build a rationale to obtain funding for customer learning initiatives. Organizations that [...learn more...]

The Business Case for Customer Learning

September 14, 2014

In corporate America, organizations have been training customers for decades. Buy a new piece of construction machinery and the manufacturer will send out a trainer. Buy complex enterprise software (like an old-school talent management LMS), and the [...learn more...]

Brainier LMS

December 2, 2018

Company Overview Brainier is the LMS solution to turn to when user experience and flexibility matter. Since 1995, Brainier has been helping clients discover a better approach to learning and development. Clients achieve breakthrough results with the [...learn more...]

Looop LMS

December 1, 2018

Company Overview Looop is a next-generation LMS that makes it easier than ever to deliver effective employee training anywhere, anytime. Contact Info 16 Great Queen Street London United Kingdom Founded: 2014 [...learn more...]

Valamis LXP

December 1, 2018

Company Overview Valamis is a digital learning company specializing in workforce development. The company developed the Valamis Learning Experience Platform (LXP), an award-winning platform developed and customized in cooperation with customers. [...learn more...]
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