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Company Overview

Mimeo is obsessed with giving our customers back time. We began nearly twenty years ago by innovating in print-on-demand services to offer online proofing and overnight delivery so that no professional had to wait in line at a copy store anymore. We continue to innovate and now offer a variety of distribution options, including on-demand printing, custom storefronts and secure digital distribution.

Contact Info

3 Park Avenue, 22nd Floor
New York, NY

Founded: 1998

LMS Overview

LMS Product Name: Mimeo Digital
Typical Implementation Fees: Free

LMS Designed For

  • Internal employees
  • Customers and Prospects
  • Corporate channel, partner, dealer audiences
  • Sell content or continuing education
  • Students

Top Three Industries

  • Manufacturing
  • Hi-Tech including Software
  • For-Profit Training Companies

Why Clients Buy

  • Cost
  • Industry Experience
  • Breadth of Functionality

Researching LMS Vendors?

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