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Company Overview

CommPartners recognizes the power of interactive learning and the changing dynamic of how people prefer to participate. We realize passive training is being replaced by interactive exchanges of knowledge with an emphasis of sharing peer experiences and ideas. It’s that dynamic that has guided our approach and development of our solutions.

Contact Info

7230 Lee DeForest Drive, Suite 206
Columbia, MD

Founded: 1993

LMS Overview

LMS Product Name: Elevate
Typical Implementation Fees: $1-$5000

LMS Designed For

  • Corporate channel, partner, dealer audiences
  • Associations and other member organizations
  • General public

Top Three Industries

  • Higher Ed Academic
  • Associations
  • Non-Governmental Agencies

Why Clients Buy

  • Industry experience
  • Customer service
  • Breadth of functionality

Researching LMS Vendors?

Check out our LMS Almanac: Corporate Edition 2016. It’s the ultimate, no-nonsense guide for LMS buyers and sellers. The Almanac includes in-depth profiles of 75+ LMS vendors as well as deep analysis on LMS market trends, requirements, license models as well as “best vendor” listing is dozens of categories.